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If you'd like to support this site and all the free things I post- please check out my Don't Eat the Paste Mandala collection coloring book for 9.99 at Amazon.

My books

Self-published books-.
Teaching My Daughter to Bake Bread is a short collection of yeast bread recipes, step by step instructions and bread baking tips. I wrote up some of the science behind bread baking and really encourage it as an art. It's 99¢

Basic Brick Stitch Earrings has 7 patterns that only use 2 colors of beads, step by step instructions for making brick stitch earrings, and tips on fringe. Diagrams and patterns are optimized to really work well in Kindle format. It's $2.99

Dea's Handful of Recipes is the shortest of my e-books. 5 of my daughter's favorite recipes, this booklet also has tips supplied by her. It's 99¢

Five Keys Cross Stitch is a collection of 5 cross stitched skeleton keys patterns and one keyhole. It's $2.99
All of the above are in Kindle format.
You can also get blank versions of my templates and instant downloads of some of my beading patterns (not the limited edition ones) at my Etsy store.

And the coloring book in my sidebar, which is not Kindle.

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Traditionally published coloring books

You can find them at your local retailer, Amazon, or at Dover Publications. I recommend signing up for the Dover newsletter. They post great samples every week and have frequent sales.