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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book Review- Craft-In

Craft-In : 12 Project Booklets for Your Own Crafty Gatherings is a collection of ideas for crafting parties. The projects range from very easy for people who very new to crafting to projects that will be easier either split into a couple nights or for more experienced crafters. The booklets are full color and housed in a nice slip case.

I think it rocks. Really, if you have non-crafty friends who are interested in making things, this provides a great starting point for a party of you and a half dozen of your friends. If you have crafty friends and would like to have a themed party, again, great ideas ready to go.

Each booklet is by a different artist/author. They explain how to make the project pictured in detail. Paper projects include pages you can copy and use for your guests. They tell you what supplies you'll need, approximate level of skill needed, and the time needed for the projects.

I suggest if your hosting a party, you read all the way through the booklet you choose first. You might decide to make up an example ahead of time so you can help your guests and share out the booklet. Since the sets are fairly inexpensive though, you could also buy a couple extra sets.

Great Cupcake Makeover by Jodi Rhoden has two cupcake recipes and two icing recipes. The chocolate recipe is vegan! It has lots of ideas for how to decorate the cupcakes. It explains how to ice a cupcake to look professional and has suggestions for natural sprinkles and garnish ideas, natural food coloring ideas, and how to sugar fruits and flowers. Since some of the decorations are flags for cupcakes, they seem a natural for paper artists.

All The Hoopla by MelMac Pink has full instructions for making your own hoops. This is absolute win for a summer party, especially for tween and teens. It takes about an hour and half to make the hoop and it's fairly simple. Then hours of enjoyment learning how to use it.

Crochet Cactus by Katy Yellen is one I really suggest at least one person who knows how to crochet. The pattern and instructions makes a very cute cactus with a button center flower that's set in a store-bought clay pot. There are full illustrated instructions in the booklet on how to crochet, so if you want to teach yourself ahead of time, you can. It's full of cute!

Jar Lid Masterpieces by Julie Armbruster is a very simple idea that would be just a lot of fun with a group and it's an idea that works for adults or younger people. It's playful paintings based off a scribble of ink that fit in a Mason jar type lid.

Stupid Sock Creature Social by John Murphy can be done using either a sewing machine or by hand. This project includes some soft sculpture to create a mouth which adds character to the toy. A nice collection of buttons, and lots of orphan socks would make very unique dolls with lots of personality.

Culture Club Pocketbook Logs by Alli Good starts with store bought notebooks that you can create lists in with art and ideas to start. I love this as a collage project and a way to enjoy suggestions from friends.

Retro Paper Doll Party by Suzie Millions combines scraps of fabric, paper, buttons, beads and embellishments with vintage images of heads to create cute little works of art. Easy and just a lot of fun.

Little Ireland: Awesome, Mossy Terrarium by Maura Okuley is both creating simple terrariums and beginning needle felting for the ambitious. Rolling hills of green are the pasture for a tiny felted sheep. If you're not feeling ambitious enough to felt, provide guests with the supplies and moss for the terrarium and a selection of miniature plastic animals. Include tips on how to find live moss for terrarium and how to keep just wet enough to grow.

Strawberry Fields Forever by Jeanette Lim is little hand sewn felt strawberries, with a variation for chocolate dipped. It also has a sushi recipe to serve your guests.

Shrinkable Adornment by Alisa Wagner Poage made me think about my friend Katie immediately with it's wing necklace. Shrink art has come a long way since I was a kid!

Mint Tin Fairy World by Debrina Pratt is a great reason to have a "potluck" style crafting evening. Tell your friends the theme, and ask them to bring buttons, scraps of lace, favorite papers and other ephemera. You supply mint tins, paint and wings and vintage images.

Pet Portrait Embroidery by Cindy Steiler uses simple embroidery techniques and can absolutely be done with beginners. If you don't want to do pets, you could substitute other simple line art or even children's art.

These are just great ideas for a craft party in one easy package.

You can get this set from the publisher, Lark Crafts My reviews are always my personal and honest opinion. You can read more about my review policy here.

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