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Monday, October 3, 2011

Peace Symbol Coloring Page

I hope you enjoy this peace symbol coloring page. There are a few more peace symbols if you click the label at the bottom of this post. Click on the image for a larger version to color.

My mother's birthday would have been Saturday. As it gets chilly and we start watching for snow, I think of her often. With We are the 99 Percent as well, I think of her often. She would have been there, with cookies, water and smiles to pass out and a lot of excitement and conviction. She was an activist who got a lot out of being active. She was a hippie who made yogurt and burned incense and smoked clove cigarettes. She wore shawls and peasant skirts with blazers and silk tops. The sweet scent of cloves and Nag Champa was so deep in her clothes that it was like a signature cologne. She was in Watts when it burned, down in the basement of a church patching up people to go back out on the streets. When President Kennedy made the call for people to do for their country, she signed up with Volunteers in Service to America and wound up in a tiny village in Alaska where she found her home.

So this peace symbol is for her, in her memory. Her absolute conviction that most people just want to live happy, free and in peace, her basic faith in humanity. 

She was a dreamer who wasn't afraid to get in the thick of things to try to make those dreams reality. She was a hippie and individualist and just a little bit crazy, and I'm so very grateful that she was my mother. 


  1. wow i really like this one it looks really good

  2. Just found our sight today. I have enjoyed looking around. Just had to let you know that not only is your mandala lovely, but the quiet tribute to your mother is beautiful. Your love for her both as her child and her friend shows. keep shining.

  3. Your mother grew up in the same age that I did and I'm sure, if my son read your tribute, he would say it applies to me, too. May I use this as an embroidery pattern and if so, may I sell what I embroider from it? Thank you in advance for your response. Kind Regards, Linda Hayes-Trent

    1. That would be absolutely fine. I'd love to see pictures.
      Thank you, for all you've done. We owe your generation so much.


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