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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crochet Moo Card Case Pattern

I love Moo Cards. Really truly. The technology they use allows you to print different photos on each of your cards, so if you are like me and have a lot of interests, you can give out cards that reflect each of those interests. They have standard sized cards, these adorable little cards.
Full color with contact text on the back.

Mini Moo Card Case Pattern
Worsted weight cotton- I used a kitchen cotton from my stash- only a small amount is needed
Size F or 3.75 mm hook
Needle for weaving in ends
button and thread/needle to sew button on- mine is a 7/8 inch button from my stash.

I don't count the first chain as a stitch because it doesn't look neat to me, the pattern is written that way. If you prefer to count the first chain as a stitch, do so!  What I do is make the first chain small, then do the single crochet. American terminology through out.

Ch= chain
sc= single crochet
dc= double crochet
tr= treble crochet
sl st= slip stitch
sts= stitches
Ch 13
Rnd 1: sc in second chain from hook, sc in each stitch (12 sc) ch 1, sc in each stitch down other side of starting ch, ch 1, sl st to first sc to join.
Rnd 2: ch 1 tightly (doesn't count as first stitch) sc in first stitch, sc in next 11 sts, ch 1, skip ch 1 space, sc in next 12 sts, ch 1, sl st to first sc to join.
Rnd 3-6: Repeat Rnd 2.

Row 1: ch 1 tightly (doesn't count as first stitch) sc in first stitch, sc in next 11 sts
Row 2-3: Repeat Row 1
Row 4: Ch 1 tightly, sc in first stitch, sc in next st, dc in next 2 sts, tr in next 4 sts, dc in next 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts
Row 5: ch 1 tightly (doesn't count as first stitch) sc in first stitch, sc in next 11 sts
Break off and weave in ends.

Center button on front of the case under the open edge so it will close properly and stitch in place. The space between the center 2 trebles is the button hole.

The reason I did the ch 1 on the edges instead of a sc is that the ch 1 is less bulky, so it's flatter that way.
This case will hold 10 mini Moo cards easily.

If you're interested in getting your own mini Moo cards, please consider using my link. Mini Moo Card Referral Link - Using the referral link will help pay for my next order on Moo cards. The ones pictured above need replacing, they have outdated information on them. Moo also prints full sized cards, stickers and postcards using the same technology so you can have different photos on your whole order. 

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