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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flaky Layers and lots of fun

They taste as good as they look. Really. See the gorgeous layers? One of them flaked apart while my daughter was coating them in a mix of powdered sugar and cinnamon. She took that as a great reason to eat it.
And they are really easy to make. It's just biscuit donuts. You know, you get a package of refrigerated biscuits, poke a hole in each one, then fry them up. Put something sweet on them and you have donuts. We don't make them often because they are too easy to make and taste too good.
We picked up a roll of Pillsbury Biscuit Grands- Buttermilk Flaky Layers. I had my daughter cut them into quarters while I heated up an inch of canola oil in my wok. While I fried and set them out to drain, I told her to mix up something to sprinkle on them or roll them in. She opted for rolling and I set those two aside to sprinkle for the photo so the layers would show.

Since frying biscuit dough doesn't count as a recipe, I'm blogging it to mention how much fun it is to do with friends or children. Offer a variety of coatings. I suggested to her which seasonings and flavorings would work well with the powdered sugar, then let her get to mixing. She opted for simple this time. Powdered sugar and a decent ground cinnamon. A lot of cinnamon. I've mentioned her love for cinnamon before right? You take what most people consider and adequate amount, say a loaf of bread calls for a teaspoon, she will reach for the tablespoon every time. So her cinnamon sugar is very cinnamon.

Other suggestions-
Cocoa powder
Vanilla powder 
ground cloves
Orange zest
TrueLemon powder
pumpkin pie seasoning
Instant coffee ground fine
a touch of sea salt to bring out the sweetness

Since a package of the big buttermilk biscuits has 8 biscuits, cutting them into quarters means you get 32 fluffy, flaky pillows to sprinkle, decorate, roll or even chocolate coat. You don't have to use the Grands brand. We've used the same technique using drop biscuit dough. But the drop biscuits don't wind up separating into those lovely layers.

More photos. I promise tomorrow I'll post more printables! 

Fried dandelions. Since I didn't get a picture the first time, I'll also post this to the recipe post

A photo of my daughter at the 3 Barons Faire this year. Notice the sign! Who's Who indeed!
Okay, that's the end of this high caloric break!

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