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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jeweled Printable Boxes

Inspired by Celtic jewelry design. 100 ppi, click on the images for the full sized boxes.
Hope you enjoy them!

It's been an interesting month so far for me. I won a couple small prizes in drawings. A gc for a local restaurant and I won one of the drawings at ilovetocreate. Unfortunately not craft supplies, glitter or glue. Fortunately, there was chocolate. Chocolate is always good. You can enter daily here.
Lots of happy mail and The Turnip Girl got the coolest hat ever from a friend of mine.

It's hard to see it, but that's a Police Box hat.You can see better pictures on Rosemary's Ravelry page. The photo was taken at a local restaurant the whole family loves. Glacier BrewHouse. She was defending her spent grain bread with olive oil from Michael in that photo. They bake it from grain leftover from the brewing process for the delicious beers they make. 
Michael got a raise, and it's just generally been a good month. But then William took a spill on the ice and they thought his elbow might broken. Turns out after hours in the ER yesterday it's badly sprained and bruised. So I'm still counting it as a good thing. Because he could have been hurt worse and wasn't. 

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