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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More photos- bears, ducks, wolves

Tired of me talking about my camera yet? Sorry, I just love it so much and haven't had it long at all. I'm enjoying the heck out of getting all sorts of neat pictures. All photos were resized to 50%, I put an arrow in one of them. They are otherwise unretouched. Click on the images to see the 50% version. All of them were using auto-focus but I'm slowly learning how to use the advanced features.
We went to the zoo the day before my b-day. Our zoo has an area that overlooks the wolf habitat.

I was also able to get this one of a bear there.

I'm planning on running the wolf photo through BeadTool and making a pattern of it. 
Earlier this week we went to Potter's Marsh. I took pictures of ducks of course. Next week the geese should be there as well.
This is zoomed out all the way. Just a natural shot. The arrow points to where the ducks are.

Gorgeous landscape isn't it? I love Alaska. It will be greener there next time we go. Spring was late this year.
Zooming in all the way, these are the ducks.

It's so nice having a camera that gets the shots I want without having to tip toe up to the birds I'm trying to photograph!


  1. Great pics Shala! Thanks for sharing. Sally

  2. Love the bear, looks like a big male and maybe he is snoring! just look at that lower lip.

  3. the wolf is very close in coloring to the wolf I've seen in my dreams...was quite a surprise to see the picture.


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