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Friday, May 22, 2009

Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

My husband wants to replace our perfectly serviceable shed with a TARDIS. He's a big Dr. Who fan and that was so not helped by the new show which just firmly cemented. I'm not really sure who's the biggest fan, our daughter who has taken to wearing scarves like Tom Baker even when it's really warm, or Mike and his desire to build a TARDIS.
Sometimes though, I can't resist a little joke on Mike, and today, I made up a police call box notice and hung it on our front door.If you click on the image, it's 300 ppi.
For personal use only. Like to bug husbands with by hanging on your front door. After he comes home and sees it, E is planning to put it on her own door. I used repositionable glue on the back to hang it with, and sealed the front with a clear sealing spray. As usual, click on the small image for the full sized version.

1 comment:

  1. ok, had to go google it before I could comment. Hey, if he could do it and it would work, I would say go for it. LOL


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