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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lacy Box in grey

By request. Click on it to download the full sized version.
I also got asked how I put these together. Usually, when I'm testing a template, I just use clear tape because it's quick and there is no drying time involved. For constructing decorated boxes I spray them with a sealer of some sort in a semi-matte finish. Cut them out, and use a ruler and something to score all the folds with. Since I keep misplacing my bone folders, I usually wind up using either a yarn needle or a gift card to score the folds. Fold it, then I glue the edges that need gluing with a permanent glue stick, applying glue to both surfaces that are going to be glued, letting it set for a couple seconds, then pressing them together. I've also used double stick tape before because it's so very instant, but I like the coverage glue gives me over the area to be glued and glue sticks don't cause bubbling like liquid glue do.

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