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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faux Bois Box and Gift Card Envelope

Faux Bois is totally hot right now, and all over the place, so I'm playing with my own interpretation and ways to simulate the look graphically. I'm not super happy with my results yet, but I did put the ones I did today on a box and on a gift card envelope.
If you don't know yet, faux bois (pronounced fo bwah) is "fake wood", and you can see it on all sorts of unlikely things with wood prints on fabric that are more stylized than realistic, or really super realistic fake wood pieces made out of plastic or even concrete. Entirely too awesome.
The gift card envelope is made by printing at 100 dpi, and scoring the folds and then folding it so the inner pocket is against the unprinted side of the middle. Glue the tabs inside to that unprinted side, then fold the last piece over. The piece at the bottom becomes the cover, and it opens up to show the pocket for the gift card. I used an old itunes card to show how it slips into the pocket.

The box, also print at 100 dpi. Glue the side tab on the inside to the other side, fold in the top flaps and tuck in the top and bottom of the box.
Click on the images to download the full sized versions.

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