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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The week so far...

Right this second, I'm super nervous. With the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select which indie authors can enroll in, you have the option to put up your book for free as a promotion for a limited number of days. You won't get paid royalties for it, but it's a way to generate attention. It's something that I dithered nervously about, then took the plunge and posted my bread baking e-book for free.

Why? Hopefully people will like it, and leave good reviews which will encourage other people to spend the 99¢ it costs normally. Why nervous? What if people hate it? What if they leave really awful reviews?

Truth is though, I felt that way when I started Don't Eat the Paste as a creative outlet, and that's been just wonderful. People like Liberty and Sally and lots of others leave comments that are so sweet. So I'll just cross my fingers and wait out the two days. (Of course, I keep checking how many people have bought it and that's not helping my nerves at all)

But this week started out great. Sunday morning I woke to find that I had won a pair of shoes from soleRebels. They do a giveaway on Twitter, follow them, and look at their webpage to find shoes you like, hit the tweet button. They are a super green, ethical fair trade company in Ethiopia. After wearing the shoes for a bit, expect a review!

Preciosa Ornela is giving away free samples of their brand new Twins beads on their FB page. Mine arrived Monday. They are seed beads with 2 holes drilled in them.

My husband is still looking for a job, but he's optimistic and it's been very nice having him home lately. Later today we are going to a thrift store, and he's going to build me a peg knitter based off a design I saw in a Japanese catalog.

1 comment:

  1. good for you for putting yourself (and your bread making ebook) out there Shala!
    I'd be nervous too (and I'd be Miss Checkarama on sales for sure).

    I had no idea there even were such things as 2-holed beads. that is so awesome!
    Hope your thrift store-ing was fun :)


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