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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spoonflower Swatch Toys

Swatch toys! When I finished out my sampler, I made a few toys that fit on a swatch. A swatch is a sample of Spoonflower printing that is an 8x8 square and costs 5.00, these are best made with hand sewing on the quilting weight fabric.

The fox ornament includes two ornaments, one with a fox, the other with a deer. You can order it here.

The little onigiri toys fit two to a swatch. To sew them, you match up the nori strip and start sewing in the middle bottom with right sides facing, sew all the way to the top, then repeat on the other side. Flip it over and sew the back the same way leaving a gap for turning and stuffing.  I made the side piece a little long, so that will have to be trimmed after it's sewn.

The little moon mobile is a star and moon on a printed background. I used a little bit of that background to make the strips to hang it.

The cute little Illuminati pyramids are easier than they look. Start by sewing the two triangle sides together, then work around the bottom connecting the square base to the sides (right sides facing), leave the last side undone for turning and stuffing, then slip stitch it closed. Pink and blue on one swatch, and purple and green on another.

All the above designs are for sale from Spoonflower.

Swatch toys are fun! I think I'm going to wind up designing a set that will print on 2 swatches for juggling balls for my husband.

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