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Monday, February 20, 2012

Chevron Box and card

I hope you enjoy this fun chevron box. The business sized card can imported to your word process software to make calling cards. I thought about making a fillable form PDF, but decided that I wanted to post these right now before forgetting about them again! Click on the images for larger versions.

I'm thinking about putting a digital grab bag in my Etsy shop. It will have some of the backgrounds I've used on printables like the chevron above, some braided frame PNG format digital stamps, a knot digital stamp and probably a couple templates. If I do this, what do you think I should charge?


  1. I think this is really nice.
    I wish I had something helpful to say re pricing. I have no idea what to charge!
    the way I do it for myself and with my mom (who is a professional potter and has to price pieces for sales) is this:

    pick a number, for example $10
    tune in to how you feel about the number. usually there is an immediate feeling of either "no, I want more" or "yikes I don't know if I could charge that much"
    inch the number up or down until you find the one that feels 'right'.
    try to ignore any internal (or external) voice that says no one will pay that much.
    if you put it up for that and no one does buy it, you can always lower it later.
    I know that may seem kind of like wishy-washy advice. You have made 193 sales on Etsy (yay!) so I am sure you know far more about this than I do :)

    1. Thank you! I hadn't realized there were that many sales! Handmade pottery is absolutely wonderful, and it's one of those things that I've always wanted to try.


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