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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking on a very gray day- Photos!

Raven in flight

There are always ravens it seems like. I like ravens quite a bit, they are revered by most of the tribes up here. Today we drove out down by the airport to hike and look for owls. The ravens were flying everywhere, conversing in warbles, chuckles and lots of other sounds that definitely weren't caws. It looked like they were playing aerial tag. I also saw a pair of eagles in air. Click on images for larger versions.

Snowy woods by the coastal trail in Anchorage,AK

This path seemed like a good place to take a photo of TG, who had a new purse she wanted to make sure got photographed to post to the craft boards she is on. It's all hand-stitched. She knows how to use a sewing machine, but prefers hand-stitching for a lot of things.

The Amazing Turnip Girl and her new purse

Yes. Her shirt does say "You never forget your first Doctor" and yes, her pins are Doctor pins. More info about them here. I'm almost willing to bet she has PG Tips tea bags in her purse. 

More snowy woods!

Isn't that pretty? The path in that area was just tromped down snow. I sat down rather abruptly at one point. Or fell, depends on how you want to look at it. I'm going with "sat down rather abruptly".

That's just barely a path through the snow.

All that snow! You can tell, looking at the solid white sky more snow wants to fall. It was coming down just a bit, but it needs to warm up 5 degrees to really start falling.

Bald Eagle in Anchorage, Alaska

Bald Eagles! Definitely not owls. It was hard photographing the pair because there were trees in the way. The other eagle was tagged.
Tagged Bald Eagle- 77!

And yes. I spotted one owl.


  1. Crows and ravens are my favorite birds! I love all the different noises that they make. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing....what a lovely outting. You are blessed.


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