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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#BreakfastMonth Breakfast for Dinner

Last month I got an email asking if I wanted to participate in Breakfast Month. I asked my daughter because she's the really enthusiastic cook in the family and she got really excited. By really enthusiastic cook- I mean she kicks me out of my own kitchen regularly and tells me she wants to cook.

Then I caught a really bad cold and spent half the month reading trashy novels, drinking loads of tea and eating great breakfasts for dinner. Today I finally got all the photos of the breakfasts.

So it started with a great big box from Krusteaz (who doesn't love Krusteaz?)

She thought carefully about various things she could do for breakast, ways to include vegetables and fruits, what kind of proteins she wanted to serve with them.

Baking and cooking with Krusteaz is easy, and you get fantastic tasting results.

The first meal, she decided on buttermilk pancakes with locally made reindeer sausage, because that's a family favorite all the time. She served it up with pears and oranges.

Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Yes. It's every bit as good as it looks.

Then she got into the muffins!! Oh my goodness.. 

For these, she went with a basic lunch idea that could be easily packed.  

Krusteaz Blueberry Muffins Mix
Hard boiled egg, some blueberries to go with the blueberry muffins and a banana. Easy, convenient, no silverware needed!  My husband snagged the last two muffins a day later and asked us to make more soon. Don't forget to drain the blueberries that come with the mix! She made the first batch without draining and they tasted fantastic but were a strange shade of blue-green. :) 

She loves waffles.We don't have a Belgian waffle maker, but we do have an old-fashioned cast iron waffle maker. (we have a LOT of cast iron). She's also pretty sure that pepper bacon cooked crisp is one of the best things on earth. 

Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix

The big hit though, with my husband?
She made porkchops cooked in cherry soda and onions, a salad with feta cheese and apples and cinnamon crumb cake as a dessert and side dish. 

Oh my goodness. 
Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake Mix
My husband was blowing on his fingers and juggling to get it out of the mini paper loaf pan. "It's hot, but it's so good!" 

Yes Michael, it is so good.

Having that cold in January was awful. Having amazing breakfasts for dinner and the leftovers? Was fantastic. 

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For ideas and recipes! 

I was provided with free products to create these breakfasts. 

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