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Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review- Pretty Quilled Cards

Review- Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie

I enjoy the delicate look of paper quilling, and it's something that my daughter and I do together.

If you are a quilling enthusiast, or just getting started quilling, this book is a nice addition to a library. The author has created cards to cover a lot of occasions, and a few all occasion cards and tags with well written patterns. There are designs for Easter, Christmas, bridal showers, baby shows, housewarmings and weddings as well as components and designs that can be used for other things.

The introduction includes a list and description of tools you'll use and basic techniques and tips for working with the strips of paper. It also explains gluing the design elements in place.

Her style is uniquely clean, almost like drawing with curls, spirals and open shapes. The designs are open, spacious and stylized. Each pattern starts with a rating for difficulty. Under that is a supply list for paper, which shows how long the strips need to be and where they will be marked for folds. Great photos and instructions will help you create the designs exactly as shown.

My favorite designs are:
Songbird Greeting which would make a good housewarming card, or a card for spring or bird lovers. It features a cute bird singing on a branch with a little bird house hanging underneath.
Dragonfly All-occasion, a delicate filigree that makes a pretty and elegant dragonfly card.
Mother's Day Vases which has 3 vases with stylized flowers

All of the cards are suitable for framing, which makes them a nice gift. The end of the book includes some patterns for entertaining like a wine glass charms and place cards.

This is a lovely book, full of designs that can be used for all sorts of projects, not just cards. It's very easy to follow and one that I happily recommend.

Cecelia Louie's webpage- Paper Zen
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