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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A bunch of people on FB have been doing a daily gratitude all month. I didn't join in that, but there are so many things that I'm so grateful for- so here's a short list of both big and small things.

The biggies-
1. My family- first, always. My husband and I have been together nearly 18 years and more in love every day. His thoughtfulness, care and strength of character still take my breath away. My children- William and the Amazing Turnip Girl are inspirations, joy and they are two of the sweetest, most generous people it's ever been my honor to know. My dad and his unflinching honesty- I'm glad he's reasonably healthy and just as contrary and stubborn as ever. The ones who are gone- my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Uncle and Kim- gone, but not gone, just on the other side.

2. My friends! This year has been full of wonderful moments with friends- it's impossible to encapsulate that in a short way, but I'm so thankful for all of them.

3. Every single one of you. The regular readers, the ones who stop in occasionally and the new readers. The ones who write to me, leave comments, link back to this blog, or like my page on FB. When I started this blog, I thought that if I got a few hundred hits a month, it would be enough. You all have made this such a joy!

The smaller things: (because people are ALWAYS the big thing)

1. The opportunities! My Duck Tape, the sponsors who give me supplies to create and help support this blog financially and Dover giving me the chance to do coloring books!!

2. My husband getting out of the toxic job atmosphere he was in, and getting a job with a company who truly appreciates him. He's so happy, working less hours and in a job he truly believes in.

3. That gorgeous summer, with the wonderful crops and TG learning to make jam. Her jellies absolutely deserve a place on this list. Because YUM!

The last year has been busy. This month started with me trying to make a deadline after my computer died, and for the first week after I finished it, there was a de-stress period where I caught up on reading and other things. Then last week I got sick with the flu. Sorry for the lack of posts this month. I'm going to try to do better for December and have a couple crochet projects and a some new candy boxes lined up now plus a review of one of the best paper books I've read this year and some great knitting and cookbook reviews.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you!

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