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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's My Birthday- Retro Owl Tape Giveaway

It's my birthday today! So I'm giving away presents. 5 people can win one roll each of Retro Owl Duck® Brand Duct  Tape. I'll even autograph the rolls. I'm sorry, but because of shipping costs, this is USA only. 

So how do you enter? Leave a comment. It's that simple. Make sure you give me some way to get in touch with you if you're the winner. Email address or Ravelry name will do nicely.

Extra entries? Sure. Leave a comment for each one of these that you do-
Follow me on Pinterest
Like Shala's Beadwork and Printables on FB
Share this giveaway on Twitter, Pinterest or FB (link to this page, leave a comment with the link of the page you shared it on)
This giveaway will start today, May 16, 2013 and end on my husband's birthday- June 12, 2013.
Winners will be drawn randomly by The Amazing Turnip Girl.

Good Luck!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shala!

    I already follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook! I will also share your link that I clicked on to get here on Facebook. Since I am the first Comment, I should get an extra entry. ;)

  2. I did everything lady. FB page like, Pinterest and sharing on my FB page which in the URL where I posted.
    You can contact me on the DT group, or email

  3. Liked and am following on pinterest! :)
    You can contact me thru the fb duct tape group or my email

  4. Happy Birthday Shala!!!
    Don't treat this as an entry because I'm in Canada but I hope you have a fabulous day!!! :-) :-)

  5. Happy Birthday! This is a pretty sweet deal, it's your birthday and you're giving us presents!

    Those owls are so cute...never seen pretty duct tape before, just the silver stuff. The owls are a huge improvement. :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Shala! I LOVE your Owl tape and I have already bought and used a roll on my son's transport chair!!!! I will have pictures posted on my Facebook page shortly! But, as I can think of a few other places to use it, yes, I'd like to win a roll!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I followed your FB page. I love this design!!

    Jennifer Skyla

  8. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day goes great!! I really want to visit Alaska and great job on the design of the Owl Tape!!!
    John Kiesser

  9. me!!! So awesome your doing this!

  10. Happy Birthday! Love your mandalas, their so much fun to color!

  11. Happy birthday would love to win!!!! From Sindy Cruz

  12. Liked you on Facebook and shared as well!

  13. Wow I love that Retro Owl duct tape. It is gorgeous! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  14. I have seen random duct tape before but never the owl design, just brilliant! Happy belated Birthday!

    thepricklypinecone at

  15. Oh my gosh i love owls and duct tape so much and i cont believe that there is owl duct tape now! I hope you have a happy birthday!!!

  16. Happy birthday!!! I've been looking everywhere for your tape, no one has it yet. So please pick me!! ;)

  17. I'm following you on Pinterest

  18. I'm following you on FaceBook too
    Thanks for the chance to win, I love this design and congrats again on winning!

  19. Hi there... love your pins on pinterest!! Started following your boards.. Happy Birthday... your tape is so cool... :)


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