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Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Birthstone and Flower Mandala

Violets and Amethyst Mandala

Happy Birthday to everyone born in February!
For the month of February, there are 2 flowers, violets and primroses. So I asked my friends list on Facebook which one I should use. Everyone who commented said they liked violets!
The birthstone is amethyst which leads me to this border. My mom bought me a lot of amethysts through the years because they represent protection. Most of them were delicate little sterling rings, and a lot of them were handmade imports with braids, twists and granulation and cabochon stones. So the settings for the jeweled border this time borrows themes from those rings. The bezel is a zigzag, set in a circle of granulated balls and mounted on a braid.
Click the images below for larger versions to print and color or use for embroidery.
Small JPG version: 
Violets and Amethyst Mandala for February to color

Large transparent PNG version:

While choosing a pretty amethyst necklace , I found the heart pendant. I really love that! It reminds me a bit of my logo so I added it to my wishlist.


  1. Thank you! So lovely and so-my-color's! I'm a February baby - it is good to be Aquarius :0)

  2. Ahh! My birthday month and one of my favorite flowers, too! Thanks, Shala!


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