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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire! Want!

Okay, I'm in total gadget lust for the new Kindle Fire. Anyone who knows me knew that would be the tablet that evoked that feeling.

There are also new Kindles coming out. Just when I have to replace Michael's Kindle because he broke the display on it well after it's out of warranty. So I'm going to order him the shiny and new Kindle Touch 3g.

For people just wanting to get their first Kindles, there is a new 79 dollar wi-fi version, you can also add books to it using a USB port and your computer.

Kindles are what I was waiting for in the new millennium. The thing I wanted most when reading classic science fiction was the newspapers and books that were instantly available in one slim, lightweight device. Well, that and small electric cars of course. As much as I love older books, a lot of people thought I'd be hard to convert, but it's something that I wanted for so long, and Amazon's e-ink is so easy to read that conversion was easy. Add in how long a battery charge lasts and the convenience of the 3g models for being able to download a book almost anywhere? It's love. My eldest loves all the public domain books that are available for free. Even buying DTB copies at used book stores would cost more than his Kindle did. He's immersed himself in Shelley's Frankenstein, gone on adventures with Sherlock Holmes, he reads Wells, Shakespeare and poetry. Since we are on the same account, he also has access to my digital library.

Writing books for Kindle is easy too. A lot easier than many other formats because it's fairly simple HTML with a few specific tags. I wrote a tutorial with cut and paste code that's here. If you're writing a cookbook of your favorite recipes for friends or family, you could format it as a Kindle book and possibly make a few extra dollars doing so.  I have a bread making booklet and a beading booklet available. Just search for Shala Kerrigan. Planning to write one soon about planning out radially symmetrical designs, and I have a scarf alphabet that I'll be publishing in Kindle format soon for 99 cents.

So it's safe to say that I'm super excited.

The Kindle links are affiliate links.
But if anyone really really wants to buy me a new Kindle? My wishlist is here. *grins*


  1. OK...May I ask why you are not just ordering the Kindle Fire to replace the broken Kindle? I was just about to buy a Kindle when I heard that the Fire was coming out. I wanted to really hold out for color and whoppee I made it. The only draw back I can see is that the battery life isn't as long. I did pre-order, but if you can tell me something that I am not seeing I would appreciate it, since I am a Kindle virgin so to speak. I did download the PC reader application they have and started using it. Thank you

  2. The Kindle Fire isn't e-ink. E-ink technology is simply the best option for reading text for any amount of time. I wouldn't use the Fire for reading books, I'd use it for streaming, listening to music that it's my Amazon cloud and for web based and app based things. The fact it will work for color PDFs also makes it a paperless way to bead from patterns.

    But for books, e-ink all the way. So it depends on what you want to do, if you want a dedicated reading machine that is simply the best for text, that's any of the e-ink Kindles. If you read some, but not enough to justify having both a tablet and a dedicated e-reader, and want the functionality of a tablet, the Fire is the best option.


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