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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review- Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie Cupcakes : From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses by Zilly Rosen. The title just makes you think "disturbingly cute idea" does it?
My daughter and I were both enthused over this cookbook. 16 cupcakes with decorating instructions to make them fit for a horror themed party, Halloween or just grossing out her dad.
So first, the decoration. Instructions are given for all the little disgusting details, which include rats, crows and eyeballs. The instructions are clear enough that even if you aren't a master sculptor you should be able to make all the projects. Some may need a little practice like artery detail on the eyeballs. The author uses some clever techniques and simple tools for a lot of the effects. The decorations use purchased, ready to use ingredients along with food coloring. Amounts are specified.
The recipes are fantastic. Because if people can get past the "EEEW!" factor, you want the cupcake to be the reward right? It starts with 4 frosting recipes, and lots of cupcake recipes, all made from scratch.Gingerbread, pumpkin, chocolate, devil's food, vanilla, there is a cupcake recipe for every occasion. All well explained and easy to bake.
As far as kids go, my teenage daughter thinks this is the coolest cupcake book ever. I have a bunch of cupcake books but the gore combined with the recipes appeals to her. My husband picked it up and glanced through it, then set it down quickly and said "I didn't want to see that." I asked "What?" and he shuddered and said "The eyeballs."
I promised not to try and feed him those, but didn't say a word about The Crows cupcake with it's fine detail of shiny raspberry jam "blood" under fondant "skin".
Recommended absolutely if you're a fan of zombies, cupcakes or have teens who love the gore. Great way to inspire kids to cook.

You can get this book from the publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing You can get more information about my review policy here.

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