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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book Review- Grilled Cheese Please!

Grilled Cheese Please : 50 scrumptiously cheesy recipes by Laura Werlin is a collection of grilled cheese recipes. It's a great little cookbook that will make cheese lovers very happy and help people get beyond just plain ham and cheese or American cheese, butter and sandwich bread.
It starts with the basics, how best to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, explaining techniques for grilling, alternatives to sandwich presses and the sorts of cheeses and breads she recommends. There is a list of cheeses categorized by how they melt.
Then it gets into the recipes. Mouthwatering combinations that will please all sorts of picky eaters. The very first recipe got my attention because it combines some of my favorite flavors with my daughter's favorite meal. A spinach, egg and cheese sandwich. That gives you an idea what's coming. Great flavor combinations that you might not think of yourself. Some recipes from popular restaurants. Recipes that combine flavors and textures in wonderful ways. The cheeses used are mostly cheeses not usually used for grilled sandwiches so this could be a great way to try new cheeses or to encourage your family to try new cheeses.
My favorite chapter is the Global Grilled Cheese which has 6 recipes, including Welsh Rarebit, a pork Cubano with a recipe for the pork, my family favorite Monte Cristo and a South American inspired recipe that uses Arepas for the bread and includes a recipe for that.
Very recommended. You can get this book directly from the publisher, Andrews McMeelYou can get more information about my review policy here.

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