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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peace symbols

My darling husband totally surprised me with a Yudu machine for Christmas. Honestly, I was expecting a bottle of perfume or possibly a new Nano. But there it was, huge and wonderful.
So while I'm waiting to go to the craft store and get more emulsion sheets and screens for it, I've been working on ideas for the single emulsion sheet and screen that came with it, deciding what to print for that first screen is hard!
One thing I've been wanting is to make more peace symbol shirts. My kids love them, but like me, don't like mass produced shirts. So, this is some of the art I've been working on. It's in GIF format and 2 colors because it's for silk screening eventually. You can use it as you wish. Except you know.. mass producing shirts for very low wages in countries that don't protect human rights. Since it is a 2 color gif, it would be easy to remove the white background and use them for digital stamping. Or print it to color if you wish. My son loves the faux bois effects best so that's in the near future.
Click on the images for the full sized versions.

I also posted some digital delivery 1 inch circles with peace symbols on them in my Etsy shop
Here's an example at full size. 300 dpi, on your monitor it will show a bit bigger than it's meant to print!

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