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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uses for Juicer Pulp

Juiceman sent me the shiny new Juiceman All-in-one Juice Extractor, which you can find at your local Wal-mart for about 80.00, so it's an awesome deal. I'll be writing a real review of it probably on Monday after I finally try the citrus juicer attachment.

I've been using just the regular juicer part on all sorts of fruits and veggies. My teens love it in a really big kind of way. I think it would be great for people who have vegetable/fruit resistant kids. Getting to choose stuff to juice and watching it get pulverized to extract the juice could get kids drinking their veggies and fruits.

But there is always pulp left. I brainstormed with my husband and did some internet searches to figure out what to do with the pulp, all that fiber-y goodness.

1. Compost it. I wouldn't, because fiber is good. But it can be composted.
2. Make crackers with it
3. This is what I do with veggie pulp- use it as a filler. I thicken soups with it, or mix it into my meatloaf instead of bread crumbs. Works great!
4. Also on meat- fruit pulps make good beds for chicken breasts when roasting, I can flip the chicken easily and it imparts a faint fruity taste to the chicken.
5. Mix some into breads- when you're using a bright colored vegetable pulp, this looks gorgeous.

Things I still want to try out:
Making noodles with it. I think I can use at 1:1 ratio with flour to make noodles.
Trying to use apple pulp as a natural source of pectin in jams
Cakes and biscuits with it mixed in.

What I've been doing is juicing vegetables and fruits separately. First the fruit, scrap the pulp into a container, then the veggies. So I have my pulps separated for what I'm using it for. There is some sweetness to the fruit pulps which I think works very well in some recipes, less well in others.

So why the Juicer and uses for the pulp instead of just eating the fruit/veggies raw?
Well, my kids and husband all like the juice mixes, so I know they are getting their vitamins. My husband says it's easier to drink the juice and eat the pulp in my tasty recipes than to eat all those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day. So they have some of their servings in juice, with the fiber added to something else, and some in vegetables with meals.
It's less wasteful. It really really is. A lot of fruits, like apples, you throw away a lot of the fruit. The core, sometimes the skin. As long as you are actually cooking with the pulp, you're not throwing away any of the fruit. Vegetables, same thing.

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