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Friday, September 17, 2010

Spoonflower Fabric Swatches

I recently got swatches of a bunch of fabrics, and I did put them all up for sale after getting the swatches. A couple of these I designed with specific plans for the fabrics. Others were just for fun. Designs can be resized on Spoonflower after they are in your shopping cart. Click edit on the item in the shopping cart to edit the size it prints out at. It needs to be a minimum of 150 ppi, so if a design is at 300 ppi or more you can make it bigger, if it's at 150 ppi, resizing it  to print in a smaller size will mean they print it at a higher and better ppi.

This one was actually not an 8x8 swatch. It's a fat quarter, and 4 dolls are on one fat quarter at 300 ppi, so if you resize it to 150 ppi, you get 4 dolls on one yard. The little medallions I thought could be used on hair clips or with the dot background to make headbands and such. 

Inspired by 50s wall paper. I really like this design for a possible purse. 

This WILL be a purse. I'm planning to order the fabric for the purse next month. I really like this design, my son helped me with the colors on it. 

Bright and cheerful. This is one of my daughter's favorite designs but she hasn't decided what she wants to make with it yet.

This was just for fun. It's circus-y looking isn't it?

Tessellated ice cream cones. I have 2 of these, this is the smaller design and I think I like the curves a little better than the other one.

The larger design. Yum yum!

I already had this design in black and white, but I wanted to see how it looked in pink and white. I prefer the pink and will use this for an apron.
You can find my fabrics at Spoonflower here

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