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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Current reviews and thrift stores

Currently newish reviews
Fiction- not my strong point in reviewing.
Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland, it's a sequel and I do recommend the series so far. You can read my whole review on the link.
Silver Bourne by Patricia Briggs.

Craft and Bead Books
Beaded Allure by Kelly Wiese- also posted at Beadwork at BellaOnline. Totally recommend it. It's a lovely book.

Mark-It Fine Point Permanent Markers
Divine Milk Chocolate Bars
Farberware 10 Inch Open Skillet
Verbatim 320 gb portable HD
Whirley-Pop popcorn maker
Chinet Paper Plates

If any of the reviews are helpful, please vote helpful on the review!

We just got back from Michaels because they had a 30% off total regular price purchases coupon in their email this week. Astoundingly, I spent less than 21 dollars. I got some more yarn to make potholders and such and some more Glossy Accents for bottle cap necklaces.Michaels was clearing out book shaped wooden boxes for 29 cents each so I bought what the had left. The Turnip will probably decorate them. After that, I told Mike I wanted to stop by Value Village.
I prefer a lot of the local thrift stores most of the time, but what Value Village has that the rest don't consistently is big bags of fabric remnants for 4.99. The Turnip didn't know we were going specifically to get more fabric for her. She was thrilled. She looked for a minute or two, but my daughter has a definite taste for shiny fabrics and one of the bags had blue satin in it.I got a second bag that had some pieces I could use. I went through my bag, pulled out the pieces I wanted, and gave the rest to her, it included a large piece of a silky synthetic I think will wind up being draped on things and played with more than sewn with. So the house is silent as she's in her room sewing happily.I was happy. I found a Sunset book on making children's play spaces that looks very good. I spent a lot less than I thought I would. Less than 20 at the thrift store.

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