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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Practicing hand sewing

I haven't sewn anything but beaded things or joining things that are knitted or crocheted in a long time. So last night I decided to make up some things with a remnant of fabric I got while my daughter was picking up rems for her dolls.
There are a lot of great instructions for backstitching on the net. I like these because it's a quick guide to a lot of types of stitches.
I backed the motifs I cut out of the fabric with felt, and for the pin I reinforced the spot I put the pin on the back with buttons. Because sometimes a knot will just pull right through felt, instead of knotting it then pulling the needle and thread through the felt, I put the needle and thread through the button, felt, button, around the safety pin then back down through another hole in the button,felt, and the button that would wind up on the inside, then knotted the tail to the working thread with a tight surgeon's knot. Proceeded to sew the pin on securely using the holes in the buttons, and tied it with a couple of half hitches, then did a small running stitch up to the edge to sew the edges together. Sewed it about 3/4s of the way around, stuffed, finish stitching it.

I like how rough they look. I'm planning to make more pins this way. The hair slides I made for my daughter.They are just motifs stitched to felt, then stitched into place on bobby pins.

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