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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Flag of the United States of America printable pages

flag of the United States of America

It's very rare that I do specifically educational printable pages. Most of my printables are meant for a wide range of ages.

This one is educational, and my terms of use are the same as usual. Yes, it's okay to use my printables with your scouting troops, classrooms, and other groups.

The first one is available in both large PNG format (not transparent, sorry!) and jpg format. The second one is only available in large PNG format because of the size of the fonts used.

The flag was drawn to exacting specifications to be as proportionally accurate as possible. The pages below are lined for text.

Click the images for a larger version.

Small JPG version:
United States of America flag paper- JPG

Large PNG version:

This one needs to be printed in landscape format. The flag is marked on every star in order of statehood with the abbreviation for the state name and the year it became a state. The text on the stripes lists the 13 colonies and the exact day they became states. Large PNG format.
USA flag with states listed printable


  1. Thank you! My granddaughter is going to love these. We are going to do lots of arts and crafts for the 4th.

  2. very cool. nice t know some of these dates. Something we all seem to forget once we are out of school!


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