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Friday, June 7, 2013

AirWick scented oils are making my home smell great!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Air Wick for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love scented oils and warmers. When given the opportunity to try out the Airwick plug-in warmers and several of the oils, it was too good to pass up. 

The warmers plug into standard outlets. If you plug them into the top of an outlet, there is room enough underneath to plug in something else. This is the outlet behind my couch, and under the Airwick is my charger for my e-reader. 

AirWick in wall outlet

If you haven't used scented Airwick products before, or haven't used them in a while, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the scents available. 

The first one we tried was my daughter's choice, Ocean Spray with Sparkling Sea Minerals which is a Sam's Club exclusive scent. I'm fond of florals and some fruits myself so I was initially disappointed with her choice. But then it started warming and the scent was really nice! It's absolutely non-offensive and a scent that I would recommend for offices just as much as for home. 

The scent oils come in glass bottles with a plastic top that's shaped to be screwed off easily. The warmers have a dial on top which indicates how open the wicking section is for how much scent will be dispersed. While the oils smell very strong in the bottle, don't worry that they will coat your house with too much scent. It's easy to get it just right. 


A bottle holds enough oil for a month of scent. 

So I wound up having them in a few rooms so I could try different scents.

My favorite is one of the National Park series- Grand Canyon Cactus Flower and Warm Breeze- since I got these during break up and the air outside smelled horrible (don't come to Alaska during break up, it stinks, literally)- this was a nose saver for me. It's only slightly floral, without a perfume-y smell. The scent is warm and friendly. (it's the darkest one in the bottles above!)

I also really like the other Sam's Club exclusive scent, Bright Citrus Splash- it's just that, bright and citrusy with a great mandarin and orange scent that doesn't smell really sweet. It smells very clean and cheerful.

So quickly listing the others, those were the standouts for me but the other scents were good too

National Park Limited Edition scents:

Hawaii Exotic Papaya and Hisbiscus is a sweet scent that my Hawaiian shirt wearing son loved. The floral and fruit are well balanced.

American Samoa Sweet Coconut and Island Palm is another great balanced fragrance, but the slightly coconut smell made me want to eat macaroons. I'm pretty easily influenced to eat macaroons though. 


For a bedroom scent, the Lavender and Chamomile is soothing and relaxing. It is a bit more heavily floral than the other scents, but I like it.

Island Paradise is another great balance of sweet and floral, it's a little on the sweet side but a nice summery scent and one I think I'd enjoy a lot in the depth and dark of an Alaskan winter.

Magnolia and Cherry Blossom has a touch of fruit, but is mostly floral and very nice. It's another one that smells summery and would be great in winter. 

These are all available for a great price at Sam's Club and if you buy them there, you can get either a bonus oil or a bonus warmer. They have a fantastic variety of scents. Sam's Club prices, bonuses and exclusive scents make it the best place to buy them. 

Honestly, these smell so good that my husband suggested plugging them in outside during break up to try and make it smell better during our Alaska spring (which only lasted about 4 days this year- now it's more like summer weather) 

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