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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Geometric mandala

Remember the black and white box I posted yesterday? As promised, here's the top of it as an 8x8 mandala you can color.

Click on the image for a larger version, print and color!

Small JPG version:
Geometric mandala to print and color- jpg
Large PNG version:
Geometric mandala to print and color- png
The weather here has been amazing. 70-80 degrees for a couple of weeks, and my garden needs regular watering. My rhubarb is doing really well.

If you're looking for organic seeds, I really like the seeds from, almost all my annuals are from them, and my sugar snap peas keep impressing my husband as they climb the trellises. We plan to let some of the plants go to seed for next year. I hope you're enjoying your summer too!


  1. I love the site. Very creative, however my only complaint is that when you click on the larger pictures and print them out, it prints it out in two pages. ): It'd be nice if it was sized to be printed on one page.

  2. Hi! If you look at printing tips, you'll find ways to print the image on one page. The easiest is to use Chrome brower which sizes the images correctly in it's print dialogue. The reason the images are as large as they are is that you get more detail with a higher pixels per inch setting.
    If you don't want to switch browers, right click and save the larger images, then print them with a different application.


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