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Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick advertisement and moment of self-promotion

So, the Kindle 3G is available now in a sponsored version. What that means is that you can have the wonderful-ness that is a Kindle for a bit less because there will be screensaver ads. Some of those ads have great deals on them, and if it's the cost of the Kindle that's been the reason you haven't gotten one, now they cost a whole lot less for the 3G version.
What does the 3G version do that the wireless doesn't? It downloads books almost anywhere in the US, and in many places around the world. As long as their is cell service, you can probably connect to download.

I love my Kindle. Really truly. Actually, everyone in my family loves their Kindles. Turnip Girl and Michael share my K2, and we got William a Kindle last year for Christmas. He carries it with him on the bus (and nearly everywhere else!) and is devouring the classics (most of which are public domain and free). All 3 Kindles are on my account, so we can read the same books.

If you are planning to buy it, using the affiliate link below will help pay for my book habit. It's an expensive habit that I started too young and can't seem to stop.

I have a few e-books available for Kindle. One is about how to bake bread,  a short collection of Turnip Girl's favorite recipes, and one about brick stitched earrings. Turnip Girl also wants for she and I to write another cooking collection soon, and she's making a list of recipes. You can find my e-books on my author page.

You can find my tutorial for writing Kindle e-book absolutely free here.

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