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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potter's Marsh July 16

We went out to Potter's Marsh to try my new camera recently, I'm going to have to learn a lot more about it, at this point, the colors turn a little weird on some shots. Like this one of a seagull harassing a bald eagle.
I liked this photo of an eagle coming in to land a lot better.

Fortunately, Michael was with me and he was taking photos with my HS10. A lot of his photos didn't turn out either because it's unfamiliar to him, but some turned out lovely.

In order, a sandhill crane, moose (cow), red necked grebe and a bald eagle.

Yesterday we also picked up a cake at my favorite local bakery for the Turnip Girl and my b-day (since we skipped birthday cake in May with everything else going on) and dad came over for cake. The rest of the day, the part we weren't having cake or being at Potter's Marsh, we spent outside. The kids worked on the garden and I crocheted a bracelet.
For her actual birthday, she asked for, and got, a shopping trip at a local thrift store. She got a big bag of cheap acrylic yarn to use in her knitting, fabric for her doll making, and some clothes. We also found a bag full of shell necklaces, you know the sort? Super touristy, strung on plastic long shell necklaces. The bag was 1.99 and I also picked up a bag full of ball ends of size 30 cottons. One of the balls was blue, and in my button box I found a button that matched the blue. So I made her this bracelet while sitting in the sun.
I'll be posting the pattern on Beadwork at BellaOnline.

Today, after a very busy week, we are just relaxing. And planning what we are going to make next!

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