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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Printable Mini Princess Crowns 2

With the first set, I said that I was making a pattern for a felt crown for my daughter. 
She's thrilled with how it turned out.

It's stitched to a hair comb because her hair is so thick and wavy they work very well for her. For girls with finer or straighter hair a head band made of elastic, ties, or a barrette might work better.
Here's the pattern for the crown.
I used two layers of craft felt glued together with PVA glue. I spread a thin layer glue on a sheet of felt than folded it in half width wise. Put it between 2 layers of wax paper and set it under a book to dry flat. The next day, trace the crown pattern on the felt and in the jewel color, cut out 5 circles to fit in the top. With embroidery floss, all 6 strands together in a tapestry needle, blanket stitch around the whole thing, stitching the "jewels" in as you get to the top of each point. Butt the ends against each other and stitch them together. Stitch to whatever you are using for your hair. 
Lots of different things possible. Sequins, embroidery, whatever. I went with simple but do plan to play more with the pattern.
Here are printable versions if you'd like those instead. I didn't mark the holes for the elastic cord like the other crown, but the holes go roughly halfway between the center point and the back seam towards the base of the crown.As usual, click on the small versions for the full sized versions.


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  1. The felt is way cute, I love this idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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