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Friday, October 2, 2009

Origami! Pink and Blue

Last Sunday while I was out with my family we stopped at a cafe for some of their locally legendary vegan cupcakes. Unfortunately, they are too popular and there was only one left when we got there which we all agreed E should have since she is the one who truly loves cupcakes. The cafe is pretty close to our biggest locally owned bookstore, Title Wave which has both new and used books. I found an origami book, The World of Origami by Isao Honda. It's been out of print for a while, so I was thrilled to have it.
So, back to today's project. Two of my favorite origami models are also pretty traditional. Lucky stars and my absolute favorite, masu boxes.
You can find wonderful instructions for lucky stars here and instructions for folding masu boxes here. The first link also offers a nice selection of paper, including glow in the dark lucky star paper! No affliation, but I wanted to point that out. Because glow in the dark is just very cool.
I created matching paper for stars and masu boxes. The box paper is in two slightly different sizes, the larger makes the top.  Because the plain side of the paper doesn't show on the stars or the boxes, you can re-use paper for this project. Click on the images for the full sized versions, print at 100 dpi on plain paper.

When I fold masu boxes out of regular origami paper, I make nested sets out of the same size paper just changing where I put the second set of folds. It's sort of like doodling for me, when I want to make something but I'm not sure what to make, I fold nested sets of masu boxes. The simplicity of the design appeals to me. No cuts, no glue. Just a nice little square box folded out of a square of paper.
EDIT: I completely forgot to mention. I posted instructions for doing beaded daisy chains. You can find those here.

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  1. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the box instruction. I have enjoyed making some of your boxes with my nieces.


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