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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kindles marked down

Kindles marked down to 259.00, yes, it's an affiliate link, and you get one I'll make a little bit of extra cash, but I love my Kindle so much. There are a bunch of pretty good free books available that are pretty new, plus most classics are completely free. I have a bunch of WW1 cookbooks, great pieces of literature I love like Sherlock Holmes on mine. Pretty much if it's available in the public domain, it's available in Kindle format which is a lot easier than reading off a computer screen.
*hearts her Kindle*
Really. When my head hurts, I can switch the size of the font to read. I have a clip on book light to read it in bed. I can read trashy novels and nobody knows!
I use mine a lot. I probably read at least 2 hours a day. The battery time when it's charged and not online lasts a very long time. I've finished 2 or 3 books without needing to re-charge it. Even in Alaska without any kind of consistent 3g coverage, downloads take minutes.

1 comment:

  1. It's tempting! Here's a question about it:

    If you're wanting to read in the dark do you need to attach a small light? If so, is that inconvenient and awkward?

    I'm assuming you do since the product info says it's not backlit.



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