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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birds, melted car wires and other things

The last week has been busy. I wrote to the editor who I worked with on my coloring books with an idea for a coloring book, and working on preliminary sketches. 

The 4th of July weekend was a non-event around here because our car broke down Thursday night. EEK! Fortunately, it was only a few blocks away from our mechanic, but it took all weekend to get fixed. So we had a simple bbq, and my husband grilled asparagus just the way we all love it. Our family mechanic said that some of the wires melted, and it was a problem with our car model. He also said out of all those cars that were made, we had to have the best one because it was still on the road. We told him having a great mechanic helps! 

My garden is looking fantastic. Sugar snap peas are flowering, and I saw tomatoes!
Those are the only two I see so far, but there are hundreds of flowers on my 8 whippersnapper plants. If you're in a short season area that's cold, these are some of the best tomatoes I've seen. One of them snapped in a windstorm and it's got branches and flowers now too! It's container friendly, sprawls and grows grape sized tomatoes. I'll let you know how they taste!

Pollinators like bees and the occasional wasp are all over my yard. The other day I counted 4 kinds of bees around my raspberries. 

I also took my new camera out to try it for distance at the end of last month. Click the images to see full size.

Up in one of those trees is a Bald Eagle. Here's the cropped version of the above photo to show you where.
See the arrow? That's the eagle. 
Zooming in as far as my new bridge camera will go- that's the eagle. 
Here's the crop of that picture-
None of the photos are retouched or recolorized. Just resized and cropped, and an arrow drawn in, and all were taken using auto-focus. 

So far, I like it, but I like my Fujifilm bridge camera better. It doesn't have as much zoom, but it handles macro shots a bit better. 

That said, I really like how this photo turned out with the new camera-

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