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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Am The Pipe Cleaner Master | INDIE ALASKA- video

I'm a huge fan of Kenneth Sterling William's work. I posted about him in 2009 here- Pipe Cleaner Master when I got this lovely Wonder Woman figure from him.

Yesterday at the Mall at Sears, I picked up two little Minion figures (I'll post a photo later- my camera batteries need charging!) for 5.00 each. It was pretty nifty. One of them was already made and in his hands was the second with the body done and the face being added. I asked him how long it would take to finish it and he said "about 3 minutes" and talked to me steadily through it. He really, really is just as nice as he seems on the Indie Alaska video. 
You can read more about him (and his transforming figures!) here- 

Please, share this- or at least share the video. He's so nice, and so talented. He should get a broader audience for his work. 

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