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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Korean Food Bazaar

Around the block from my home is a Korean Catholic Church, and once a year they have a food bazaar as a fund raiser. Authentically cooked food and it's hugely popular. It seems like we've always got something else going on that weekend and miss it though. This year, I made a point of it. All of these photos except for the one of TATG were taken by her, and she's just getting used to a new camera so there are some focus issues.

Walking into the parking lot, the 2 groups cooking over fire were situated outside (it snowed this morning, it's raining now, Alaska weather is weird). One of them was chicken on skewers with peppers. The other was fish bread with sweet filling. She didn't get a photo of the incredibly cool thing they were cooking it in. It was cast iron, and huge. It rest over the fire and could turn to access the wells. The wells are fish shaped, with a lid that closes down. They would scoop in the batter, let it cook a bit, scoop in the sweet bean paste, then a bit more batter, cook until golden brown. TATG wanted to try the skewers, she was a little nervous about the idea of "fish bread" but after watching them make it, got a lot more enthused. William and TATG walked into the church with me eating one each.

Once we got in there, there were tables lined around the basement with hot plates and other cooking surfaces. It was hard choosing! We opted to share everything so we could taste lots. My favorite was a fried chicken in a sweet/spicy sauce. I'm pretty hit and miss with fried foods, so much of it is just too greasy, but this was perfect.

Nom nom nom. Did I mention that usually I avoid spicy too? But this was only lightly spicy and so very, very good.

William's favorite of course was sushi. It was good, mild, crisp and tasting. (photo taken after TG worked out the focus issues)
See that whole plate? I had one, TG had two, next thing we knew, William was eating the last one. He really loves sushi. (Gosh I wish he had shaved this morning- photo slightly out of focus)
TG eating one of the chicken skewers-
The serving sizes were generous, so we wound up very full at this point, but there was still so much more to try? What to do? We decided to get plates to go for dinner tonight, plus Michael was working and this way he can enjoy some of the food too. When we got home, TG decided she needed to eat another one of the fish breads.

The camera is an old one of mine, I offered her a choice of the cameras that her dad and I don't use, and she opted for a point and shoot that's a couple years old and a decent little camera. Since she had the camera and some of her duct tape items, she also took photos of them.
This is taped over a very ugly wallet she bought at a fund raiser for a veteran's non-profit organization her dad and I support. She bought it planning to cover it with tape and did this portal wallet. She's carried it for a couple years.

Her most recent is this purse (not in focus)
Which she lined with my owl tape!

I love the multicultural mix in Anchorage so much, and as much as I do like going to specific restaurants, the events are so much better. Sometimes it's hard to find them. Some of them do use Craigslist or our local newspaper, but mostly we watch for signs in specialty markets or on the many churches around town.

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  1. What was in the Sushi? My fave is salmon which I see. Is it Mango or what? Yummy!


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