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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Berry Picking- Photo post

Last night, a friend called, and asked "Do you want to go pick currants tomorrow evening?"
Who could possibly turn down a chance to go berry picking with a friend? A friend of hers had invited her out to her property to pick berries. I asked TG, and she was super enthused about the idea too.

Some of these photos are a little hazy, because at some point, I smudged my camera lens and didn't notice until getting the photos off my camera. Whoops! Probably smudged it with berry juice. Click on the images for larger versions.

Cat's friend lives out in the Palmer area. About an hour from Anchorage. Since Cat got off work at 6, and Michael had to be at work at 11, that did limit our time a bit. The drive, as always, was incredible. The weather was also very cooperative. We all wore pants and long sleeves to help prevent mosquito bites.

When we got there, Cat's friend, Mary Ann was waiting with her dogs. She was a marvelous hostess, she gave us a tour of the paths around her cabin. There were currants, cranberries, watermelon berries and roses gone to rose hips. The currants and watermelon berries were ready to pick. TG and I were there for currants!

Mary Ann walked us to a spot with a log to sit on, surrounded by bushes just dripping, heavy with berries. TG had made berry buckets the night before with empty milk jugs.
We picked and picked and picked.

Michael, who had just woken up, sat on a bench and took photos, soaking in the incredible view of the river and mountains. 

One of the photos he took.
TG had lots of fun! (after the lens got smudged unfortunately)

When it started getting close to time, we walked around a bit more with Mary Ann. She and TG went up ahead, and Mary Ann was showing her berries.
She got along well with the dogs as well.

Check out this amazing view! From left to right, the silhouettes are TG, Mary Ann, and Cat.

Just for fun, this a tree out there, it's a dead tree, with a great, Halloween reaching shape. Mary Ann decided it needed a face.

Yes. It really is that pretty out there. There are also cranberries ripening, and she invited us back out. A really nice lady, a good time with a friend, and a lovely way to spend an evening!


  1. Thank you for posting. It's good to get back to nature. I don't do it often enough. We have some park areas, here in the 'burbs. I should avail myself of them, more often.

  2. Beautiful Pictures! Since reading your blog, my views on Alaska have really changed! I always knew the land was nice, but thru your eyes I see that Alaska is beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time! Cant wait to see what you do with the berries! Makes me wish we were not in a drought right now cuz we could have benn doing the same this weekend!

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed my little piece of Heaven on earth. Please do come back and pick again. Will let u and Cat know when the berries and rose hips are ready...Enjoy your day...


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