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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snails, yarn and other things

This is my entry in the current Spoonflower contest, What is the new owl? What do you think the next animal to be as popular as owls is going to be? The page above can be enlarged and printed to use for paper crafting purposes. There are a lot of great entries if you want to go peek and vote here.

Other than that, Lion Brand is having a story contest, the instructions were to explain about the meaningful handmade gift you ever received or gave in 500 words or less. It was easy to choose mine.

Grandma's Coat Yarn
My family always made things. My grandmother knitted, painted, crocheted and beaded and a lot of my very favorite things are things she made.

The best handmade gift I ever got was from her.

My grandfather passed away in 1977. Before he died, he got Grandma yarn for a coat she wanted to make. He bought entirely too much yarn and after he passed, Grandma couldn’t stand to work with that yarn. It sat in her closet for years. A gift of love and memory.

She developed glaucoma and started losing her vision. Before it was too far gone, she decided to make my brother and I blankets with that yarn. She knit them gorgeously in a wave lace pattern. That blanket would be the best handmade gift except for what came next. 

When the blankets were done, there was a bit of yarn left. Then I found out I was pregnant with my son. 

The very last thing she knitted, before her vision was too bad to knit was a baby blanket, using the white yarn that was bought to use a trim on that coat that never got made. It’s incredibly precious, and it’s packed safely away now until I can give it to my grandchildren. The yarn from my grandfather, the blanket from my grandmother’s so talented hands. It’s a blanket full of love and family memories.

That contest is currently voting on Facebook here. You can vote daily and I would really appreciate your vote. The grand prize is 500 dollars to spend on the Lion Brand site, which would be used partly to make hats for the homeless this summer and partly just for fun by my daughter and I.

In other news, Michael has two job interviews and a job starting this week. Things are still pretty tight for us financially since he's been out of work for so long, but it's looking up!


  1. YEP, your snail is the best one, and I do believe that snails are gouing to be the new owl.


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