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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Duct Tape Comic Book Cuff Bracelet

Also from my old blog.

Super easy to make.

Measure your wrist, add 1.5 inches for the overlap where the Velcro dots are, then add two inches, cut a piece of duct tape that long. Fold over one inch on both ends. Cut a picture from a comic book or magazine or print out something nifty to fit, and put it on the sticky side between the folded over ends.
Put clear packing tape or clear duct tape over that.

Use two sets of Velco sticky dots, and the rough side to the soft side so you have them in matched pairs. Peel of the backing from the rough side and position them on the upside (graphic side) of your bracelet, then pull the backing off the soft side, and wrap the bracelet around to place them on the other side. (perfectly placed to match up now!)

Duct tape is generally about 2 inches wide, and I recommend 3M Scotch tape whenever the colors work because it's a thinner tape than the other major brands so it makes a fabric that molds a lot better. It seems like it's more expensive, but if you work it out at price per foot, it's usually about the same or with coupons or BOGO deals, a lot less expensive.

The first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day. Look for participating locations in your area. In Anchorage, that's Bosco's, and they will also have a concert that evening with Marian Call. 

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