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Monday, January 9, 2012

Debra Jo Hardman's Crazy Quilts

Hi! I'd like to introduce you to Deb Hardman, she was at the hobby show at the Museum on Sunday, and she's a crazy quilter. Or is that crazy for quilting?
See, this is her name tag-

Crazy quilting is less structured than most traditional patterns, and allows a lot of embellishment and artistic detail. What Deb does is to create with fabric, thread and other bits gorgeous quilts with a nearly painted effect that can be hung on walls. A lot of them have a strongly Alaskan theme, all of them that I saw also have amazing details.

Like this raven. The fabric for the moon is glow in the dark, so is much of the stitching.

The sparkly hanging from the raven's beak? Awesome. The little stitched star details on the moon? So very wonderful.
And it's nest is well lined with sparkling bits.

This raven almost looks like by a brook. One of those pebbles has a secret.
Can you see it? All the stones except one are actually soft sculpture embellishments on the quilt. That one stone is a real rock!
Snowflakes aren't exclusively Alaskan anymore than ravens are, but you have to admit, in Alaska, we see a LOT of raven and a whole lot of snow. The white fabric and white stitching on this piece are both glow in the dark. Can you imagine having something this lovely in your room to shine softly in the dark?
Check out that detail. The soft curved lines in a shimmering thread, the scattered sparkle of beads, and those wonderful bubbles! Plus of course the glow thread snowflake.

One of Deb's resolutions for this year is to be a better blogger, including having more tutorials. Check out Cold Feet Quilter for more information, inspiration and eye candy.


  1. Thanks Shala! It was fun meeting you!

  2. Great post! The snowflakes are beautiful & delicate; love 'em!


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