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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Review- On A Stick!

My first review of 2012!

On A Stick! 80 Party-Perfect Recipes by Matt Armendariz is a themed cookbook built around the idea of foods on a stick. Think more fair type mini-meals on a stick than tiny little appetizers on picks. These foods are fun and not at all fussy.

When I get a new cookbook, my daughter and I both go through it with sticky notes marking which recipes we want to try out first. This one looks like it's exploded with sticky notes.

I started with the deep fried mushroom recipe because it's a family favorite. The mushroom recipe is simple and tasty and  it's paired with a roasted onion dip that's super flavorful and rich. The dip is one that I plan to make for a lot more things.

She wants to make the fried mac and cheese or the really cute take on Scotch eggs next, and I'm eagerly looking forward to warmer weather to try some of the grilled recipes.

A lot of the recipes in here are fried, but there is also a lot of selection for people who prefer not to eat fried foods. The Caprese Sticks are a fun way to serve a reconstructed version of the popular salad, and the beef teriyaki skewers have a not-too-sweet teriyaki sauce and are grilled for smoky flavor.

Lots of meat skewer recipes for people who want something heartier, as well as seafood recipes. Since my family is pretty crazy about seafood and Alaskan cod is very inexpensive in Alaska, the beer battered fish and chips are a meal I could see having at least once a month. I plan to make that later this week for dinner. (Using Alaskan grown potatoes and Alaskan brewed beer for a locally sourced meal!)

You could quite literally serve dinner all on a stick to guests with the recipes in here. Starting with appetizers and salads, a main course and side dish, dessert and even an after dinner cocktail.

The recipes that should have dips have recipes for dips and all the recipes are clear with ingredients on a side bar to the instructions for making them. They are well-photographed as well if you like to see photos of how the finished product should look.

It's a cookbook for people who like fun food that's well prepared with attention to detail but that's still easy to make and present. There are lots of Asian inspired and influenced recipes along side Western favorites which make it a great cookbook for people with a wide range of tastes.

Not recommended for vegans since so many of the recipes call for meat or dairy products. There are some good vegetarian recipes in here though.

Published by Quirk Books

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