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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another chevron zig zag box

It's been an amazing week. More on that in a minute. First the box!

This box was based off a palette created from a photo I took today just for the colors. I picked the colors manually and loaded the palette on ColourLovers, along with a palette that I generated using their software from the second photo.

So my amazing week started normally enough. Books, beads and crafts. Not sure when I realized it was a very good week. It just kept building up steam. All sorts of things lining up well and working out well. Today was just the icing on the cake. Michael isn't normally a very spontaneous person. He tries though because he knows that I am and today he decided it was time to go to Thunderbird Falls, and I'll be posting photos of that later. That was *after* he dropped Turnip Girl and I at Salvation Army while he got a hair cut. Then after the hiking, we hit my favorite coffee roastery for a few lbs of my favorite coffee. If you like dark roasts, you might want to try the Arctic Wolf.  It's a deep, rich, fruity roast. Dark and oily and my favorite coffee. If you prefer lighter roasts, the Pioneer blend is one of my dad's favorites. One of my plans soon is to make an appointment with Ron to work on a special Don't Eat the Paste coffee. 

Check out this How-Tuesday about weaving Ojo de Dios (God's Eyes)


  1. Man! You've been busy-makes me feel like a slug!LOL Thanks for the lovely box template. Have a happy week!

  2. *grins* Well, yesterday was the busiest day of the week. I hope your week is wonderful too!


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