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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some links to a couple online graphics applications

Online browser based apps are becoming the future, and some of them are really great and completely free.
Here are some favorite online browser based graphics applications. All of these work in Chrome.
This is the photo I used to show some of the filters.

Pixlr - flash based, nice set of tools and fairly intuitive. You can save in PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF as well as the native format which allows you to save in layers if you're working on something that way. It has undo, redo, and lots of filters to modify photos with. Allows saving to your own computer without being logged in. Draw original art or modify photos. In order, the filters applied are Art Poster, Heat Map, Hope and Kaleidescope.

SumoPaint - also flash based, takes a few minutes to load, but when it's loaded there are a lot of great tools in this one.  Also allows easy saving on your own computer in JPG, PNG and Sumo format. It's got a lot of filters and brush options. It's a pretty impressive online graphics application.The filters used here are Crystallize, Dithered Poster (which does allow color setting, I just used the colors that are the default) and Detect Edges- grey scaled which I can see being very handy to make embroidery patterns or coloring pages from photographs. Click open Sumo Paint and it opens in a new window.

My daughter's favorite online application is Aviary . Aviary offers a complete suite of graphic applications. Occasionally it does go offline, but usually comes back fairly soon. Free and saves and several formats. Vectors and painting both. 

For pure drawing fun, Harmony by Mr. Doob has some very fun brushes to play with. You can save images in png format.

Speaking of the Turnip Girl, she is using a sewing machine now. She was nervous about them. Black Friday 2009 I bought a very simple zig zag and straight stitch machine. I got it because it's light weight enough for me to set up myself and I can use it on a tv tray so I can sit where ever is most comfortable and will do most basic sewing. Because it's not as powerful or as big and scary as my other machines, Turnip Girl is very comfortable using it. So I asked her if she would be willing to write tutorials for some of her sewing projects. She agreed, so hopefully soon I'll be able to start posting those! 


  1. thank you so much for this post!
    I've lost my PS Elements disc and have really been missing playing around with images!

  2. thank you again Shala! I've been playing and having so much fun. I posted a mandala I made and linked to you (hope that's okay but if not, let me know and I'll remove it :)

  3. Thank you...your post helped me alot...I have downloaded Aviary and Picasa let the fun begin.

  4. I use for my stuff. It's a photoshop clone program, that is a bit easier to use for beginners, but it lets you use layers and stuff. It's completely free to download it and use it. I've used it for years, even used to do book covers in it and everything. I have the expensive photoshop programs now (CS5, and such), but I still will use for quick things, like resizing images and such. But it has some really fun stuff in the menu for pixelating, color changing, stained glass, oil painting, pencil sketching, pen and ink drawing, and so much more. I love the program! Let's you save to PDF too, which is something I haven't been able to do with other photo editing programs besides photoshop. Anyway, just thought I'd share another free resource with ya'll!

    Love and stuff,


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