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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pudding! Recipe and printable recipe sheets

I love making pudding as a treat for my family. It's a major sense of accomplishment for me. When was learning to cook, pudding always failed for me. Too impatient, cooked it at too high a heat and wound up filling the house with the delicious smell of burnt milk and chocolate or vanilla. 
Now it's a fairly regular treat because we almost always have the basic ingredients for pudding, and it's an easy dessert to make for weekends. 
This week I made a chocolate butterscotch pudding because butterscotch chips were on sale at the local grocery store. 
Here are some printable recipe sheets, including the recipe for the chocolate butterscotch pudding. Click on the images for the full sized 100 ppi versions.

To make the pudding:
In a mixing bowl- 
1 egg lightly beaten
1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup butterscotch chips

In a sauce pan:
2 Tablespoons corn starch
2 cups milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

Whisk the ingredients in the pan well to dissolve the corn starch. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until thickened. Pour the hot pudding slowly over the egg and chips whisking until the chips are melted and it's all smooth. Put into individual dishes or just cover the bowl and chill for 2 hours. 
Makes 6 half cup servings and is wonderful with fresh whipped cream!

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