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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A printable box with a special story

The perspective makes the box look kind of small, it's a 3x3x1 inch box.

A little over 15 years ago, I started an afghan made up of lots of solid color yarns from garage sales, thrift stores and gifted stashes. It's all acrylic yarn of course, got as cheaply as possible. I crocheted hundreds of 3 round granny squares, edged them in single crochet with black yarn which mostly did have to be store bought. The squares are set on the diagonal which creates a nifty looking zig zag edge on all sides.
It took forever. It fits a queen sized bed nicely. 
15 years and 1 day ago, a week overdue to deliver my child, I became absolutely convinced that she wouldn't be born until the blanket was finished. I was frantic to finish. I called a friend to take me to get the last of the black yarn I needed. I worked through the day and halfway through the night. Finally.. it was done. It was as pretty as I thought it would be. Reminiscent of stained glass, somewhere around 40 colors of yarn total. Some only one or two squares of a specific color. No two squares next to each other in the same color. 
15 years ago today, my daughter was born.
Happy Birthday Queen of the Turnips. 
(she still sleeps under that blanket, which she absolutely considers hers) 

ETA: the knitting needles in the picture are a handmade pair that's very nearly done that I'm giving her for her birthday. I will be posting the pattern on Beadwork at BellaOnline when they are done. But not today. Today we celebrate!

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