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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Currently working on..

We are a household full of summer cold coughing, and we wound up missing the 4th of July fireworks because of it. It's a symphony of sick punctuated by sneezes.
So mostly for the last few days, I've been curled up reading or watching dvds with my darling husband and crocheting tawashi for my dad's house.
I didn't keep track of how I made any of them though, so expect patterns when I feel better enough to count up the rows and figure it out!
I also made this little snail. I'm very happy with the spiral on the shell, less happy about the body, so the design still needs some work.

And I used one a bead made by a local artist I like quite a bit in a necklace. 

You can find more of her work at Fish Lips and Bird Teeth Studio. Kelly very occasionally does magpie pieces that I adore. Her ravens are full of awesome and humor. This eyeball was one the little beads she was selling at a bead show in October. I got 4 of them and have been hoarding them for the right piece. I really like this necklace. 

Off and on I'm working on a Kindle book collection of recipes for a sandwich maker. It's lemonade out of the lemons of my oven still not being fixed. He did promise it would be repaired by Thanksgiving. Until then, well.. I'm working on adapting some quick bread recipes and other things to making them in a little sandwich maker. And debating getting my toaster oven back from my dad. 
Speaking of Kindle books, they changed the payment structure for them, and I reduced the price of my brick stitch Kindle book Basic Brick Stitch Earrings. It's 2.99 now. 
If you are interested in writing your own Kindle cookbook, craft book etc, I have a tutorial written for coding for Kindle format. You can find that here. It's completely free. I'd love to see more people use Kindle self-publishing for crafts and recipes. It's a lot of fun, and one of the easiest ways out there to self-publish. I have a bunch more mini-cookbooks planned. 

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