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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free comic book day and other stuff

I told K that we are all plague-y because we had plans to meet tonight until I got sick too.
I do plan to go out though. It's the first Saturday in May which means Free Comic Book Day! Yay!!!
If it works like last year did at our local comic book shop, everyone gets 3 comics each but you *can* go to both Bosco's and wind up with 6 comics each. Which we do. Which really shows the world just how comic geeky my family is. The Free Comic Book Day website has a participating store locator that works with zip codes.
Last night I worked on a small electronic project. I'm working out a simple method using copper wires to make tiny led lamps to fit in decorated jars that can be turned on and off through a simple mechanism. This is complicated by the fact I know nothing about electronics. But leds and 3v batteries are simple enough. I don't need to mess with resistors.
Nearly done with The Turnips scarf. Made a necklace for William I'll get a picture of soonish.

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