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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to make an Alice band

It seems to be my week for hair, after posting the button bobby pin tutorial, I decided to make Alice in Wonderland style headbands for my daughter and I. They are super simple to make with basic handsewing skills and make good tv projects. They can be modified. She likes a bigger bow than I do for example.

You will need 1/2 inch ribbon, Fray Check or clear nail polish, 3/8 inch elastic and needle and thread and straight pins to make this project.
Cut 3 lengths of ribbon, 14, 8 and 1.5 inches. Apply Fray check or nail polish to the cut edges of all 3 pieces. Let dry.

For the bow, sew the edges together, and then flatten it so the seam is in the middle of the back. Pin that. Find the middle of the 14 inch piece and pin that as well.

 Place the center of the 8 inch bow part over the center of the 14 inch ribbon and repin through all 3 layers of ribbon. Wrap the 1.5 inch piece around both layers of ribbon and sew securely in place. I used back stitches and didn't go through the top layer of the wrapped ribbon. Whip stitch over the edge of the 1.5 inch piece to sew it down.
Now you just need to add the elastic. Fold over the edge of the 14 inch ribbon on end 1/4 inch, then pin the elastic to the middle of that and sew down securely. Check sizing here, you might need shorter elastic depending on the size of the head and how stretchy the elastic is. Fold the other end of the ribbon and sew on the elastic, checking to make sure you don't flip the elastic.

Confession time- I don't actually use a measuring tape when I make these. I use a paperback book. Up the front cover around to the bottom of the back cover lengthwise is the length of the band, one cover length for a bow size I like, cover plus depth of the book on both ends for an daughter sized bow then I wrap the center piece around the ribbon with an overlap to cut that. If I'm using a not very stretchy elastic it's the width of the paperback plus the thickness, if the elastic is stretchier, it's the width of the book. 
This makes a very charming easy to wear ribbon bow. 

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  1. This is so cute! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking. I'll have to go back and add it to my Alice Roundup too!


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